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"Simply the Best" is the only description that comes to mind when speaking about the professional, friendly and personal service that I have received as a loyal client of Stephan's. I met Stephan over a year ago and there's something magical about having a professional to take you from stress, tightness and discomfort to a place of pain-free, calm and serenity. During the process you can feel a slight transformation and gradual relaxation as he tailors his massage to address my particular needs during that session. What also makes Stephan exceptional is that while his primary focus is on massage therapy, he also offers suggestions and advice for better overall health such as stretching exercises, dietary tips, etc. I work in a high stress environment with long hours and lots of travel so I look forward to our sessions, as it is the only time that I truly have an opportunity to relax and decompress. If you are looking for the ultimate massage experience, I recommend Stephan at Head-to-Toe Harmony with great enthusiasm!
Robert T., San Francisco, CA

I suffer with debilitating migraines and without fail Stephan can bring instant relief!  A number of times I struggled with a headache for days and weeks on end, yet the moment he starts the head and neck massage, the pain subsides and by the end of the session- I am pain free for weeks at a time! He is a truly talented massage therapist! I recommend him highly to people with chronic headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain.  Trust me you will not be disappointed- the experience is simply wonderful!!
Bridgett M., TX

I highly recommend Stephan for an amazing massage. He is a true healer in every way. Professional, strong, thorough, and kind. I'm fortunate to be able to receive his gifts.
Barbara S., Maplewood NJ

I highly recommend Stephan as a wonderful and knowledgeable massage therapist.  He takes the time to really understand what areas are bothering you and goes above and beyond to help you to feel better.  I was having a problem with some tingling in my hand and he worked hard to find the affected area, worked on it and was able to rid me of the tingling.  He is also an all around nice and caring person!
Michelle B., Montclair, NJ

The environment is so peaceful and relaxing, as for the massage experience...I really didn't want it to end.  Stephan was very professional, yet warm and genuine.  He made me feel like my well-being was the most important thing from the moment I called to book my appointment and even after receiving my therapy.  Stephan's customer services approach is exemplary as there was a follow-up call to check that I was okay.  His services exceeded my expectations.
Chinwe, Bloomfield NJ

I have been regularly getting massages for more than 5 years and started going to Stefan when I was pregnant with my first child; after my previous massage therapist disappeared on me. They were amazing and made me feel great throughout my pregnancy!  On top of the normal aches and pains women get when pregnant, I suffer from migraines, as well as lingering effects of various sports injuries, especially to my shoulder and back.  I also have a very stressful job.  Without Stefan's massages, which both eased my pains and relieved my stress, my pregnancy would have been difficult, to saw the least;  but because I saw Stefan regularly, it was a pretty easy pregnancy.   I continue to see Stefan regularly for both pain relief and relaxation.  My shoulder and back pain are minimal and my migraines have been non-existent!  I really could not more highly recommend Stefan to anyone.
Wendy K., Montclair, NJ

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